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Cua Lo Beach

Location: Cua Lo Beach is situated in Cua Lo Town, Nghe An Province.
Characteristics: Cua Lo Beach is one of the nicest beaches in North Vietnam with its white sand and clear blue water.

Cua Lo Beach is located 18km from Vinh. This 10km sandy beach is outlined by pine forests. Not far from the beach are 3 islands: Hon Ngu, Hon Chu, and Hon Mat with natural and primitive landscape which is attractive visitors. Once in Cua Lo, tourists can visit the islands by boat, climb the mountains, dive, and visit historical and literary sites such as the temple in honor of Nguyen Xi in Nghi Hop Commune, the Trung Kien Pagoda in Nghi Thiet Commune, and the Hoang Van family altar in Cua Lo. Nowadays in Cua Lo, a number of rest houses and hotels, and the modern services system is constructed to meet the need of the travelers.