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Welcome to our Frequently Ask Question database. This database has include every questions that traveler used to ask. Please find your question in the appropriate category listed below. If you still can not find answer to your question, click here to email us.


A: Use our search tool. You can enter up to 3 variables: type of trip, trip length, keyword. Default is all.

A: This is something you want to have in a tool. For example you want to look for a tour that have Halong, Sapa just type: "Halong sapa" in the keyword content.


A: You can compare every 2 tours to have a final choice. Select every 2 tours to see the differences..


A: If you choose a "Join-group tour" the itinerary is always fixed. In case you book a private tour you may make minor change to the itinerary under your convenience (major change may affect the tour cost)

A: Yes if you book a private tour. Give our tour supervisor your demand to have your own itinerary.

A: Yes, as long as it's possible. We will give you a quotation. Although our policy is no refund for unused services, we consider minor changes involving minimal or no costs as part of the service and make no charge in such circumstances.



A: The larger the group size the cost share between members would be lower. (transportation, food...)


A: It depends on each trip. But normally trips include hotel, transfer, tour guide and meals. Meals are included but vary from trip to trip on how many meals! Each tour indicates what it includes in the "Price Inclusion" information and makes note as to what options may also be paid for such as spa, bike rental. Some tours include special extras such as culture show, picnics, and so on. Please read each tour description/price inclusion carefully.


The following policy is applied for children that accompanied by at least 2 full paying adults

  • Children under 6 years old and don't require extra bed: free of charge (50% of adult rate is required for extra bed)

  • Children from 6-12 years old and height under 120 cm: discount 50% (share room in extra bed)


A: Join group tour is the tour organize for different people join together. The people in a group usually from 15-25 people so the tour cost is lower than private tour

A: Private tour is the tour design just for your group so the cost depends on your group size



A: Single supplements are available in nearly every tour. This is an extra charge over the quoted twin room rate which is a shared rate. You will be booked into a twin unless you indicate in advance your single preference.


A: We accept Master Card, Visa Card (see how?) and Money transfer as well. 

A: The fastest and most convenient way is to make payment online with your Credit card. Your booking are confirmed and processed immediately. 


A: There are 4 steps: 

  • Step 1: enter your General information: Contact details, Group size, Type of accommodation

  • Step 2: enter your members information and confirm your booking by agree with the booking term

  • Step 3: review your booking and cost, deposit amount required (after this step you will received an  announcement email, you may make your payment later using the link in the email) 

  • Step 4: you are linked to a secured site to make payment with your Credit card (Moneybooker) where you can enter your Credit card information securely (if you do not yet have an account in Moneybooker you will need to open an account with your email quickly). After enter your Credit card information you will received a verification number via SMS. Enter this number to complete the transaction.

A: After you book a tour or hotel you will received an announcement letter with details of your booking. However you booking still not be confirmed yet once you has not make payment.

A: You need to make payment to confirm your booking. You just need to pay a deposit amount of your booking. The deposit amount is varied depend on what you book.

A: Once we have received your payment your booking is confirmed (which could do immediately by Credit card). You will received a Full brochure (with exact itinerary and list of hotel) of your booking 1 weeks before arrival


A: The deposit is varied but it's usually 20% for tour booking and 50% for room booking.

A: A deposit is the only way to confirm your booking.

A: Please read our Booking policy.


A: Your information is 100% privacy.

A: Our credit card processing partner using Secure Sockets Layer (128 bit SSL) to help protect user information against unauthorised access from third parties, loss and fraud


A: We suggest you contact us as soon as possible after you decide to change your booking details. Contact us with your name, your booking code and all other information you would like to let us know. We will try our best to accommodate your change request

A: As booking changing, in most case, relates to a cancellation of a service and book another one, so please follow the instructions in the respective reservation policy in case you need to change your booking. If your change follow the applied cancellation policy, it is no charge for the change request. Otherwise, we will try to discuss with related service suppliers (hotels for example) to waive (if you still use the service) or negotiate the minimum fee. If we charge you a fee, in all cases, it is to pay back to hotels and other service suppliers of your bookings as we have to cancel your service arrangement with them and we are charged by them.

A: Contact us as soon as possible and we will inform you the cancel fee.

A: Depends on your change if it's not related to the booking or not. In case the change affect some booking you have to pay a cost.

A: Please read our cancellation policy. Reducing in group size may affect tour cost.

+ Cancel 31 days prior to arrival, 25% of deposit non-refundable

+ Cancel between 15-30 days prior to arrival, 50% of deposit non-refundable

+ Cancel between 7-14 days prior to arrival, 75% of deposit non-refundable

+ Cancel within 6 days of arrival, 100% of deposit non-refundable


No refunds or exchanges can be made with respect to accommodation, meals, sightseeing tours, transport or any other services, included in the tour price, but not utilized by the tour members.

A: Under some special circumstances (disaster, plague, war...) you may cancel your booking with no cost. Read our policy before booking.


1. How do we rate the hotel?

A: Below is PackageVietnamTravel hotel partner list in Vietnam

A: In all cased the hotel will be used are listed. However in case such hotel is full we will replace with a similar rated one.


A: Usually a double/ twin room will be used. If you have special request (single, triple) please tell us in advance.

A: You can request a single room with additional charge (check in tour price)

A: Depends on hotel we will inform you if it's available


A: When you complete the steps of the inquiry process, in the shortest time, you will receive a confirmation email with a voucher containing all information about your booking and the hotel you booked, Discover Mekong support person and his/her phone number.

A: Unfortunately most hotels in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia do not offering day use. The minimum that can be booked through our website is one night.

A: You may book your room online with your Credit card.


A: Although most of hotels in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia apply 12PM, The check-in and check-out times may differ between hotels. You will find them on the "Hotel Policies" section at the bottom of the overview page of the hotel. If you are going to arrive late or very early, we advise you to inform us via email, we will notify the hotel accordingly.

A: Please read the Hotel service section for each hotel

A: If you are going to arrive late or very early, we advise you to inform us via email, we will notify the hotel accordingly.


A: Under some special circumstances (disaster, plague, war...) you may cancel your booking with no cost. Read our policy before booking.

A: Please read our cancellation policy.

A: Inform us as soon as possible. You may have to pay some fee due to cancellation policy.


A: Depend on the group size. A 7 seats car would be used for a 2-3 members group. A 16 seats car would be used for a 4-7 members group. A 24 seats bus would be used for a 8-15 members. A 35 seats bus would be used for a 16-24 members group. A 45 seats bus would be used for a 25-35 members group. 

A: Air transfer during the trip is Vietnam Airline or Pacific Airline.

A: Usually a private boat would be arrange during your trip. See picture

A: Depend on your type of accommodation. The higher the accommodation you book the better train cabin you will have. See normal cabin, deluxe cabin and super deluxe cabin


A:   It is your choice to let us arrange meals other than "basic meals" for you. Basic meals are breakfasts provided by the hotels you stay or meals in case we do not have other choices which mostly happen when we are on a boat or in a mountain trek through out the whole day. In short, the tours vary as to what each includes, and therefore read the description carefully.
We also provide suggestions for places to visit and specialties to enjoy will be available. For meals that are included, if you have a special need such as vegetarian, diet etc., please let us know in advance and we will make every effort to meet those needs. In nearly every case, beverages are not included with meals (your individual purchase). .

A: You will be taken to Vietnamese style restaurants during the trip.

A: If just some of your members have different diet we can only arrange some different food for you but not a private table.

A: Vietnamese use chopstick but you can eat any way you want.


A: Travel insurance is almost always the last thing to cross our minds - if ever - when we make our travel arrangements. However, no matter how well we plan our trips, we can never preempt unforeseen circumstances. Illness, an accident or a death in the family are often a source of great contention between travelers and their travel agents for cancellation, refunds and compensation on their travel packages. While we can't eliminate travel risks, travel insurance can minimize and protect you against such financial loss.

A: As most travel insurance policy would have trip cancellation coverage, you are suggested to effect the insurance as soon as your itinerary is confirmed.

A: You should contact your insurance company's claims department immediately. You need to fill in a claim form and submit the following documentary evidence to support your claim: Invoices, receipts and /or estimates for property damage, loss or theft Full medical evidence and receipts for medical claims Birth and death certificates for personal accident/life insurance policies In liability cases, only the third party makes the claim, therefore, the claim is out of the policyholder's hands Generally, travel insurance covers you against:
+ Flight delays and misconnection
+ Emergency repatriation for health reasons
+ Hospitalization and medical care in case of illness or accident
+ Repatriation of the body in case of deathv + Cancellation penalties
+ Lost luggage/ travel documents