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Ly Nhan blacksmith town

Old people told a story of a duke coming to the village for a visit only to find that most the villagers were either drunk or busy gambling most of the years except for the harvests. He advised the villagers to drop the bad habits. He established a workshop and recruited skilled blacksmiths from other localities to come and help the villagers learn a new trade. The villagers learned new trades and kept the trade until today, still producing working tools for agriculture production.

Nearly every household in Ly Nhan Village, Vinh Tuong district engages in blacksmith trade. Knives, scissors, sickles, chisels and other cutting tools made by the villagers are well-known in many localities thanks to beautiful designs and premium quality of tempered steel. The villagers even made weapons during the wars. The village exported 100,000 knives to Cuba in 1962 for cutting sugarcane.

The villagers of Ly Nhan are now teaming up to take the increasing competition of the market. Workshops of several households are established with the use of tooling machines to reduce the workload of human being. The trade is now flourishing in the village.