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Do Xuyen rattan and bambo village

Nobody know when the village’s bamboo weaving occupation begins but it has been helped Do Xuyen people survive for many flooding seasons and become an important supplementary job for villagers. The village’s products are very simple. The production don’t need much investment but artistic hands. The low-profit production is presented heart of villagers in the market mechanism. The main product of Do Xuyen village is bamboo fiberboard for construction with many designs. Do Xuyen can be named as Bamboo village because its bamboo products are sold everywhere and the job has made the villagers get richer. Besides, another typical product is Mam Chap which have been existing despite the market mechanism. The process of producing Mam Chap is very complicated and requires not only skill but also experiences. 

Today, the occupation of chap bamboo production has further developed thanks to the investment by Hon Ngoc Vien Dong Ltd., Company. The products of Do Xuyen village of bamboo dishes, bowls, and chopsticks have been sold in foreign markets. Do Xuyen people have not only had chance to restore traditional occupation but also get richer.