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Kim Boi hot spring

30 km drive from Hoa Binh will lead to a rest house named Kim Boi. The house was built near a large mineral water pool. Visitors sitting inside the house can hear the water, which is at a constant temperature of 36° C, continuously spouting out. Scientific tests have shown that the mineral water at Kim Boi is suitable to drink, bathe, and use in the treatment of rheumatism, intestinal diseases, stomachache, and high-blood pressure.

Kim Boi mineral water is bottled for drinking. It has almost the same composition as certain well-known foreign brnds of mineral water.
Hot and humid, rain due to season. The annual average temperature varies between 22,9 and 25°C.
- The special dishes, rice cooked in bamboo, grilled meat and “ruou can”
- Brocade products, precious forest and native products.
How to get there:
Kim Boi is 80 km far from Hanoi. You can go by bus or motorbike.
Mini Bus from Ha Dong Station depart at 8.30am Saturday to Kim Boi tourist spot and come back to Hanoi at 1pm Sunday, fare 80,000 VND for one person / round trip.