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Tuong Long tower

Built on top of the Ngoc Son Mountain; Tuong Long Tower looks like a pen drawing on the blue sky and the ink -slab is the immense sea. Through the ancient documents and vestiges, Tuong Long Tower is considered as an imposing monument worshiping the Buddha, an outpost observatory station and the palace of the King in the Northeast sea of Đại Việt country. 

The tower was listed into the great beauty spots along with Long Đọi Pagoda (Duy Tiên - Nam Hà), Một Cột Pagoda (One -pillar pagoda), Báo Thiên Tower, Thắng Nghiêm Pagoda, Chân Giáo... (Hà Nội), Chương Sơn Tower (ý Yên, Nam Hà)... under the Lý dynasty (1010-1225). Tuong Long Tower and Vân Bản Pagoda show a long progress of architectural art and graphic depicts of the Buddhism in Đồ Sơn. Tường Long Tower is a typical symbol of the  combination between human's creative art and unconscious natural art  which supplement and embellish each other.Along with Ngọc Communal House, Rồng Stream etc...Tuong Long Tower creates a well -known ecological, historical and cultural tourism community of the windy  Đồ Sơn, Hải Phòng.