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Thuong Doan Temple

This is a place for worshipping Goddess, one of "the four sacred" in the Vietnamese belief. Phu Thuong Doan
( located in Dong Hai commune, An Hai district, 8km to the east from Hai Phong urban areas) is a relatively massive ancient construction facing to the south in such a way as "the saint looks south to listen to everyone’s prayers". This is to extol Goddess Lieu.

The main sanctuary has three tiers with the construction of "l" shape in the front and "J" shape in the back. The Matrons are worshipped in three compartments with the Matron of Sky embodied by Ms. Lieu in the centre; on her left is the Second Matron or the Matron of Forest; on her right is the Third Matron. This is to worship the Creators. The First Matron created the sky, and all the natural forces such as cloud, rain, thunder and lightning. It is our ancestor’s hope to have favourable natural condition that they worshipped her. The Forest God created forests and supplies natural sources to people.

Every year, in the 3rd month of lunar calendar year, Phu Thuong Doan begins its festivities. The festival is not limited to the local area, it attracts participants from far and wide and has become a spring festival of a large area.