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Dong Khe (Nguyet Quang) Pagoda

Situated close to the main road of Dong Khe ward and is some 500 meters from the communal house is Dong Khe pagoda. The pagoda is also known by Chinese name  "Nguyet Quang Tu", which has long been a famous pagoda of Thien phai  Phuc Lam and Lam Te in Haiphong. Legend has it that Nguyet Quang pagoda is one of the most ancient pagodas in the city. The pagoda was originally designed to worship Buddha. By the Ly-Tran dynasty, Buddhism became a national religion and the pagoda developed into a huge and reputed landscape in the region. Here the super monks from Thien Truc Lam who were trained in Yen Tu would often come to this pagoda to pass bibles to the buddhists.

After the time of Moc Minh in the fifteenth century, the pagoda was severely destroyed. In the first half of the 16th century, King Mac ruled the country. The pagoda was restored by monk Pho Hang and the villagers on the old ground. After king Le Than Tong died in the year of Thinh Duc (1654), Dong Khe was again badly devastated. It was not until the year of Chinh Hoa (1680-1705) that monk Nhu Hien, a super monk came to preside the pagoda, turning Nguyet Quang pagoda into an ancestral center, opening a school to train many monks and nuns. The super monk Nhu Hien Thien died, and the high ranking bonze Tinh Tinh, a resident from Dong Khe village succeeded him. Generations of monks succeeded each other to build and make the Dong Khe pagoda more and more beautiful.

Dong Khe pagoda is one of an architecture works typical of the traditional architecture of Vietnamese village pagodas, containing many objects with different functions and materials, with historical and aesthetic value, such as the Buddhist statue, stone stele, and bronze bell etc.

Dong Khe pagoda-communal house in Ngo Quyen district forms a famous cultural tourist complex, attracting many tourists and pilgrims.

Dong Khe pagoda was recognized by the Government in 1997 as a historical and cultural heritage