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 Cat Ba Island
Taking a ride on a car or train for two hours from Hanoi to Haiphong, then on a high-speed vessel for another hour, visitors will arrive at Cat Ba Island, the biggest island (100kmІ) out of the 366 islands on the Lan Ha Bay.
 Do Son Beach
If you are staying in Hai Phong Province, a visit to Do Son Beach is worthwhile. It is a great privilege of Haiphong to be given by nature the beautiful beach of Do Son.
 Dong Khe (Nguyet Quang) Pagoda
Situated close to the main road of Dong Khe ward and is some 500 meters from the communal house is Dong Khe pagoda. The pagoda is also known by Chinese name  "Nguyet Quang Tu", which has long been a famous pagoda of Thien phai  Phuc Lam and Lam Te in Haiphong
 Du Hang Pagoda
Du Hang Pagoda is located at 121 Du Hang Street, Du Hang Kenh Ward, Le Chan District, Haiphong. The pagoda is considered an ancient architectural relic of the city.
 Hang Kenh Communal House
Location: Hang Kenh Communal House is situated in Du Hang Kenh Ward, Le Chan District, Haiphong City.Characteristics: It is famous for its valuable wooden sculptures.
 Kien Bai Communal House
Kien Bai Communal House is located in Kien Bai Commune, Thuy Nguyen District, Hai Phong City. Formerly, Kien Bai was known as Ho Bai Trang (Ho Bai Village) under Thuy Duong District, Kinh Mon Prefect, Hai Duong Region. Ho Bai Village had 12 hamlets, in which East hamlet was the most populous.
 Nghe Temple
For a long time, a delightful temple with moderate scale has become one of the famous historical interest places and landscapes of locality. It's Nghe Temple the temple worshipping Le Chan - the feminine general who changed waste land into cultivated areas and formed Hai Phong land.
 Phu Xa Temple
Phu Xa Temple (located in Dong Hai Ward, Hai An District, Hai Phong City) worships Hung Dao Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan - the famous general of Tran Dynasty who made the great victory defeating Chinese Mongolian aggressors in the thirteenth century. When he died, he was venerated as “Thanh Vuong” (‘King God’). Legend of the locality has it that, Tran Quoc Tuan set up many granaries here to prepare for Bach Dang campaign in 1288. Here also was the place where Tran Quoc Tuan had given a feast to deserving soldiers before mustering troops to Van Kiep base.
 Thuong Doan Temple
This is a place for worshipping Goddess, one of "the four sacred" in the Vietnamese belief. Phu Thuong Doan ( located in Dong Hai commune, An Hai district, 8km to the east from Hai Phong urban areas) is a relatively massive ancient construction facing to the south in such a way as "the saint looks south to listen to everyone’s prayers". This is to extol Goddess Lieu.
 Tuong Long tower
Built on top of the Ngoc Son Mountain; Tuong Long Tower looks like a pen drawing on the blue sky and the ink -slab is the immense sea. Through the ancient documents and vestiges, Tuong Long Tower is considered as an imposing monument worshiping the Buddha, an outpost observatory station and the palace of the King in the Northeast sea of Đại Việt country.