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Da Lat city is probably one of Vietnam's most well known vacation destination. Since the turn of the century, Da Lat has been the vacation spot for well-to-do vietnamese and foreigners. It is the unofficial honeymoon mecca of Vietnam. Located on Lám Viên (Langbian) high lands, part of the greater Central high lands of Vietnam (Cao Nguyen Trung Phan), the city is 1500 m above sea level and is 305 km from Saigon. The name Da Lat originates from the hill tribe people in this region. It literally means Stream of the Lat people.

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 Valley of Love
The Valley of Love is 5km north of Da Lat, Vietnam. Its former name is Valley of Peace. In 1972 with the creation of lake Da Thien, its name was changed.
 Xuan Huong Lake
Da Lat is also famous for its many waterfalls and lakes, one of which is Ho Xuan Huong (Xuan Huong lake). This man made lake was a site where many indigenous people of Langbian high land made their homes.
 Prenn Falls
Prenn fall is located at the foot of Prenn pass and is about 10 km from Da Lat. Around the fall area was once a thriving wild life refuge. Visitors to the fall can visit the various habitat of the animals in this region. Today, Prenn fall is a destination to visit in Da Lat. A local compared the scenery at Prenn fall to those drawn in paintings. The water falling from the top of the fall creates a sheet of silver pouring into a pool of water at the bottom. Behind this sheet of water is a wooden and bamboo bridge where visitors can cross behind the water.
 Ponguor Waterfall
Located 50 kilometers from Da Lat and surrounded by high gorge and pine forest, Pongour waterfall is powerful and magnificent as the waterfall slips into numerous sandstone stepping from top to bottom.
 Lang Bian Mountains
Standing in Dalat, visitors can see the Lang Bian peaks that look like the bosom of a beautiful woman, full of vitality, standing out against the blue sky.
 Truc Lam Pagoda
Location: Truc Lam Buddhist Pagoda is located on Phuong Hoang Mountain, by Tuyen Lam Lake in Ward 3, Dalat City, Lam Dong Province. Characteristics: Truc Lam Buddhist Pagoda is located amidst beautiful natural scenery. This is the biggest pagoda in Dalat City. The pagoda is covering an area of about 24ha with a Buddhist institute and a 22ha garden.The pagoda was inaugurated in 1994.
 Linh Son Pagoda
Linh Son Pagoda is a notable Buddhist temple in the resort town of Da Lat, Vietnam.Linh Son Pagoda is located on top of a small hill at 120 Nguyễn Văn Trỗi Street, in the second ward,approximately 700 m northwest of the centre of Da Lat. The temple was built from 1938 and it was completed and opened in 1940. The building was funded by the general public, but the largest financial donations were from two lay Buddhists by the names of Võ Đình Dung and Nguyễn Văn Tiến.
 Bao Dai Palace
It is on Trieu Viet Vuong street, 2.5km from Dalat in the South. It was built from 1933 to 1937 when Bao Dai was on his throne in Hue kingdom. Bao Dai used this place as a resting place in summer. When the French returned to Vietnam, Bao Dai became the puppet minister in 1950 and used this place as his office and his house. The place had a group of guards and private convoys of cars called “Palace convoys”. There was also a private fleet of airplanes served by French pilots
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