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Hon Rom Resort

Sincerely your guests to the picnic ecotourism Hon Rom 1. Historic Places stubs are attached to the development of Binh Thuan tourism has been more domestic and foreign tourists known. Eco-tourism area picnic Hon Rom 1 Phan Thiet city located 24 km to the northeast. Is located under the morning shadow of coconut in the sand hills and pristine white beaches and blue  create a peaceful landscape painting organic marine situation. On the way to the ecotourism Hon Rom, a picnic, your guests will admire and visit the scenic spots of natural marvels of Binh Thuan has gone into history books such as The Royal Floor, Tower Poshanu Tower, Win beautiful landscape Suoi Tien, Red Springs, Sand Hills, scenery chốn Penglai first scene. You will be peace in their wild nature, relaxation, relaxing after a hard working week, hard.        Hon Rom resorts have an area of approximately 2 hectares with a total of 52 rooms.  Including 10 gym, 36 rooms and 8 double bed rooms for two people, three people equipped with full facilities activities. Today the restaurant Rom includes a built three facilities: Restaurant, Bar, coffee, karaoke can accommodate 700 seats serving European food,  Asian specialties coastal Binh Thuan. Hon Rom to a visitor to participate in activities organized cultural community activities such as camp fire, camping, trade unions, competition literature ... etc.      Eco-tourism area picnic Hon Rom a regular renovation to upgrade facilities, constantly improving service quality, bringing more tourism products and services to rich, diverse model tour Ecological Planning to meet the increasing demand of tourists. To the Hon Rom first visitors will use the services here with popular prices suitable for all customers.