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 Vietnamese traditional dishes

Vietnamese cuisine is famous in the world, a lot of tourists travel Vietnam to enjoy the Vietnamese food, rich and diversified in culture, history, Vietnamese food is different from north to south, here are some famous dishes travellers must have when they visit Vietnam.

Com (plain rice)
In Vietnam, people eat rice as a main dish. A typical dish of Vietnamese cuisine consists of a bowl of rice, coupled with some vegetables, eggs, pork or chicken or beef and fish, no matter what Vietnamese eat rice is indispensable on the table of a Vietnamese family. Usually rice is served for dinner when all family members gather. Over time younger Vietnamese tend to have their lunches and breakfasts outside.

Cha Gio - Nem (Spring Rolls)
Famous for westerners sometimes call it sometimes spring rolls, these are rolls filled with pancakes and fried noodles, pork, onions, other vegetables and mushrooms. They can be eaten hot and accompanied by nuoc mam or fish sauce

Bo Nhung Dam (Beef dipped in vinegar)
Guests will dip the slices of beef by soaking a few seconds in a common pot of vinegar. You can also eat by putting the meat in a pancake with noodles and vegetables. We enjoyed the Cha with a delicious sauce.

Soup - Noodles
Originated from the north, the Pho is undoubtedly the national dish. Noodles made from rice flour, dipped in a delicious soup. The taste of the soup is obtained by leaving immersed in water bones of oxen, onions and spices few hours before preparation. It is eaten at all hours of the day, either in the morning (yes, even for breakfast), the afternoon and evening. This is a typical dish from the kitchen of the Vietnamese

Bun Bo Hue
Translated literally as Hue noodles with beef. This dish is from the former imperial city, Hue. The noodles are the same as used for the Pho, they are accompanied by slices of marinated beef and sometimes pork feet. You can also add the Bun Bo Hue cubes of frozen pork blood, which is a brown color.

Canh Chua: Sour Soup
From the Mekong region, typically consisting of fish, pineapple, tomatoes, herbs, etc.. Canh Chua should be served very hot because the heat affects the taste, the dish must be eaten quickly.

Banh xeo:
Hot crispy yellow pancake wrap in which soybeans, sliced pork and shrimp. The cake is prepared using fragrant rice flour. It is served with fish sauce and salad. Banh Xeo is a very popular dish found in every corner, especially in south and central Vietnam

Banh Cuon:
Dish from the north, it is a white crepe wrapped and filled with minced meat and vegetables. It is served with fried onions, slices of beef, chunks of cucumber and of course ... nuoc mam (fish sauce)! Banh Cuon is a dish typically found in the north, however, it is possible to find some restaurants in Saigon. It is eaten most often in the morning for breakfast.

Banh Tom:
Banh Tom is a fried pastry made from red shrimp accompanied by spicy vegetables that is dipped in a sweet and sour sauce. Delicious and crispy, it will get you to paradise with new flavors. This dish is available everywhere in Vietnam.

Banh Chung:
Pok surrounded by sticky rice, all enveloped in banana leaves. It has green colour outside and white-yellow inside. This dish can be eaten on the day of the Vietnamese New Year -Tet and all families place on the altar of the ancestors as offerings.

Banh Bao:
Banh Bao is made of minced pork, eggs wrapped in a white ball of dough made from rice flour. Everything is steamed and served with nuoc mam or soy sauce. This dish does not only exist in Vietnamese cuisine but also in Chinese and Japanese cuisine.

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