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Vietnam is a destination which will satisfy all travelers. It is a few of these countries offer a sightseeing holiday, holidays adventurous and peaceful holiday at the seaside

While the North offers a wonderful countryside and quiet nature landscapes, the south offers the fascinating colourful Mekong Delta, Centre Vietnam provide the best beaches in the country and home to three of six World Heritages in Vietnam: Phong Nha caves, Hoi An ancient town and My Son holyland.

Vietnam has a history that reflects in it's culture and traditions, with its long and up and down history this land offers a diversified culture. Travelling the country from north to south visitors get to learn the different beauty of many destinations from mountain to seaside.

The 10 places worth your visit when travel to Vietnam:
Halong Bay: 160 km from Hanoi that combines the luxuriant the vegetation, caves and floating villages secrtes.
Thien Mu Pagoda: the biggest pagoda in central Vietnam, overlooking the river perfumes Hue.
Hoan Kiem Lake: place of relaxation and meeting prfr of Hanoian.
Hoi An: a village fisherman often called the Venice of Vietnam.
Phu Quoc: The largest of the Vietnam to find beaches, coral reefs and warm weather all year round
SaPa: Beautiful mountain town in the middle of rice terrace.
Mui Ne sand dunes and beach activities (windsurfing, relaxation, etc.).
Mekong Delta: rural sceneries and floating markets.
The tunnels of Cu Chi tunnel network utilized during the Vietnam War by the Viet Cong
Nha Trang: favorite destination for divers to observe marine life.

When is the best time to travel to Vietnam?
Vietnam suffers various climates. In terms of weather the country is divided into 2 parts, north of Hai Van pass from Hue northwards, south of Hai Van pass from Danang to the Mekong Delta.

Although rainy season doesn't seem to be a good season to travel Vietnam, lt is the best time to enjoy the beaches. The climate is cold in winter time in the north. The northern mountains also offer breath taking views for the loops around North West and North East

Southern region has a more tropical climate with a dry season and a wet season. The temperatures vary little throughout the year.

If you want to avoid crowds, come between April and June and September and November. In addition, the mild climate of this time you will discover Vietnam without suffering from the heat or rain.

Christmas and New Year times are very touristy, if you care to spend the holiday at these times make sure your have all reservations before hand.

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