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Travel to Viet Nam independent is very easy. The country is safe and is completely open to tourists.

Steep valleys of Sapa in northern Vietnam has fascinating animation of the Mekong Delta in the south, Vietnam offers a multitude of attractions that will appeal to backpackers as affluent travelers.

Vietnam has a varied geography and amazing, delicious food, beautiful beaches and a cost of living very low. Tourism development in the past 10 years drew a paved road attractions and places designed for tourists with all the necessary accommodations.

The classic route from North to South
Many travelers leave the former capital of Hanoi, where French cafes alongside traditional stores. From Hanoi they go to Ha Long Bay, one of the wonders of the world and the hill station of Sapa where the Hmong in colorful dress working the rice terraces.

In central Vietnam, the imperial capital of Hue provides a glimpse of yesteryear with the visit of the imperial city and many tombs. The very popular Hoi An coast of Danang is a pleasant little town with old houses, a gorgeous beach nearby and a beautiful countryside.

Hue: A little further south, the region also offers many places untouched by mass tourism. Scenery was breathtaking and ethnic minorities are the welcoming. A tour guide is advisable to visit these places and most remote people only speak Vietnamese.

A trip to Vietnam would not be complete without a stop at one of the many resorts. These include Mui Ne for surfing, sun and deserted beaches and Nha Trang with its crowded beach to party or spend a high dive

Saigon is a pulsating metropolis. It is a mecca for Vietnamese culture and the best place to understand the complex history of Vietnam. It is also the best place for shopping or discover the gastronomy.

The Mekong Delta is Vietnam's breadbasket. The mangrove is a particular ecosystem.
Phu Quoc Island is a great place to relax. The island is lapped by turquoise waters and has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world: bai sao.

Backpackers can easily spend a few months to visit Vietnam at a leisurely pace and lower cost. Tourists a little easier can travel quickly taking domestic flights and enjoy a high quality service in the resorts.

Off the beaten track
It is entirely possible to leave the beaten track in Vietnam. The country is safe, some problems such as touts and street vendors rather arrive in tourist areas.

Go and meet the Vietnamese is not necessarily obvious because of the language barrier. But a meeting in a café sipping an iced coffee, it leaves memories. To do this, no secret, we must have the courage to open up and move away a bit of the tourist areas.

That said a good local guide can be very valuable. It will take you to the right places and introduce you to the right people.

For my part that interests me the most when I travel is to meet locals. See how they live, their passions, discover their sense of humor ...

Some tips from personal experience
Find the good value for money
You can find really cheap excursions in Vietnam 10 USD a day for example. But do not get too many illusions about the quality of the service. This is fine if you're broke.

If you have a little money, take first class tickets, hotels, mid / high-end excursions medium / high range. The value for money is really good when you get a little variety. Benefits first prize in general are disappointing.

Do not generalize
Some Vietnamese are tough but the majority are polite and caring. Do not generalize if you come across a foul-mouthed..

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