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 Some Useful Tips About Travelling In Vietnam

 VWe have here a list made of all facts and tips that may be when you go to Vietnam
There are shoes for a door in Vietnam, it is intended that you also pulled out. Inside, the floor is spotless because no dirt along to walk in and clean them much.
Vietnam is one of the few Asian countries where you can get bread. Thanks to the French baguette they sell here now. But not really toppings. Furthermore, the salt-free bread that is a little crazy for us. If toppings they often do sell a french cheese grease that we know as "la vache qui rite". further his avacado and bananas dirt cheap and this also doing fine on bread.
You can be fantastic street food stalls! Or go to the very small "restaurants" in people's homes. Everything is fresh so you do not have too much to worry about. Look where many locals! Since the food is good and it is not too long!
Hotels and tourist restaurants often put an extra 5% on the account so a Tipping is not necessary. This does not mean that the staff here get something so you can consider to still give a tip.
In ordinary restaurants is very appreciated if you leave a tip. Also, drivers and guides expect a tip and it is polite to leave. Behind a small donation after visiting a pagoda
Bargaining is very common but do not overdo it to the extreme. Negotiate with a smile!
The Tet New Year festival is something to be reckoned with. It takes place in late January or early February and everything is closed. Least a week
Wandering Souls Day is held on the fifteenth day of the seventh moon (August). During this festival gifts and food offered for the dead forgotten.
The trash you see lying on the street gets cleaned the same day. It's more of a temporary gathering place without pockets around it than it is a permanent waste.
Vietnamese are very physical set. Both men and women will touch you, for example your hand or forearm to grasp when they talk to you. Also in stores this is quite normal. Only when you really drawn somewhere inside it is not so free
Anyone touch each other they do not understand well why we are struggling. There is indeed nothing behind!
In small shops and guesthouses can happen that the staff on the ground is sleeping when you
Always speak well wonder whether the price is in USD or Dong. Usually they say it is in USD and they charge a lot to high price if you want to pay in Dong.
Beware of Vietnamese who speak English well, generally in the biggest cheaters. "My friend ..." are usually not your best friends.
It's not like in the West, that if you are not satisfied with something you can negotiate. Possibly a discount or compensation They understand there just that you do not want to pay the possible (aggressive) effects.
If you arrange transport must clearly agree when they pick you up, what no you can call if they have absentia, to where you brought ... and then you have no guarantees.
Paying more does not always mean that you get a better tour ...
If you care about fairness and justice, then put these principles to one side during your trip in Vietnam.
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