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 Son La, an interesting destination in the Northwest

Located in a wide valley 170 km from Dien Bien Phu and 115 km from Moc Chau, near the border of Laos, Son La is the capital of an important town lies on the territory of the former French colonial province

The territory of the province is 80% occupied by forests and mountains, Moc Chau and Na San are two broad plateaus at 600 m altitude, which are famous centres of tea and dairy cattle. The long rivers Da and Ma run crossing the province, the province has many large meadows are favorable for cattle and horses. Forests provide many kinds of precious wood such as Rosewood, stick-lac… There are mines of tin, copper and zinc. The town offers travelers en route to Dien Bien Phu the opportunity to stop for a night, the area is populated by many ethnic groups of Vietnam such as Viet, Thai, H'mong, Dao, Muong… The central market of Thai black, and the former prison built by the French in the French colonial era is one very interesting site to visit.

Son La is the homeland of the flowers, primitive forest and mountain winding roads coupled with the natural landscape to create poetic sceneries about the great possibilities for sightseeing and photography. This region is located on a plateau above 1000m altitude above sea level, the average summer temperature is 20 degrees Celsius. Travellers can take boat trips on the Da River Lake by canoe, motor boat or sampan beholding the charming views of the scene of ethnic minorities along the river... with their colourful culture and rich ethnic festivals, habits…. This is where travelers find the landscape "Tham Tat Tong" a beautiful miracle of the Creator - a 150m long limestone cave, the stone columns crammed nestled along two the vertical cave walls as the tree structure. Coming to the area visitors cannot miss the hot springs, making you so relaxed in winter and summer as well.

The former penitentiary Son La
The site of Son La prison, founded by the French, welcomed in its jails Vietnamese anticolonial. The former French prison was partially restored for history buffs. Turrets and towers are rebuilt to monitor the remains of cells and inner walls. A peach tree planted by To Hieu, one of the first inmates of the 40s, is the only survivor of the bombing. Today, a street, a school and some important buildings of Son La took the name of To Hieu. Prison is a place steeped in history, has not ended with the departure of the French. Different Montagnards who fought alongside the colonists in the war between France and the Viet Minh. Many Montagnards still wear the beret of the French!

Along the main road, a large brown sign decorated with chains, marks the beginning of path that climbs to the site and leads to the local People's Committee, behind which stands the prison.

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