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 Son Doong cave opened to tourism

The tour is expected to last 7 days including 1 day for travellers to train and get acquainted with the equipment for the trip before the expedition to discover the unique values of the Son Doong cave.

Recently, Quang Binh Province People's Committee has approved the project report to test a tour exploring Son Doong cave at the World Heritage National Park Phong Nha - Ke Bang by Howard Limbert - an expert from British Royal cave explorers.

Under this scheme , to simultaneously accomplish preserving and promoting the value of exploring adventure tourism, through the research process, Limbert has developed a testing tour program to discover Son Doong cave in the form of an optional tour, the tour will be organized as an adventurous climbing trip. The expedition tour will be escorted by local guides, porters as well as support teams to ensure safety throughout the journey.

The Province's authorities have approved the guideline of Son Doong cave exploration however must be in strict conditions to protect and to ensure the preservation and promotion of the values of the world's natural heritage. Expected time for the tour to discover Son Doong cave is around August 2014. Several travel companies have registered to carried out survey trips to Son Dooong as part of their Vietnam tours in coming time.

Son Doong caved (meaning mountain and river) was discovered by a local hunter in 1991, up until 1999 when the British scientists explored the cave and identified as the biggest cave system in the world, the biggest part of the cave is nearly 5 km long 2 km high, much bigger than the world's biggest Deer Grotto in Malaysia. Until recently the cave hasn't been opened to tourism due to safety conditions. The cave is located near the border between Vietnam and Laos, according to scientists there is an underground river in the cave system.

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