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 Ninh Binh and Nam Dinh, the beauty of Red River delta

 Nam Dinh Province is located in the plains and the northern lands of Vietnam. The province includes the town of Nam Dinh, 90km southeast of Hanoi. It is surrounded by the provinces of Thai Binh, Ha Nam and Ninh Binh and the East Sea.

Nam Dinh is located in an area of tropical submitted on a monsoon. The average annual temperature is 23 ° C. There are two seasons: winter and summer

The city of Nam Dinh is a coastal city with a large number of lakes and ponds. Rice, maize, groundnuts, sugar cane, the "banana split" Chuoi ngu-a popular specialty, are the main local products. Fishing, aquaculture and shrimp farming for export are developed. There are several traditional craft villages specializing in wrought iron, copper smelting, wood carving, textile painting. The textile factory in Nam Dinh is the largest of its kind in the North.

Nam Dinh province has great cultural traditions. This is the native land of the kings of the Tran Dynasty (thirteenth-fourteenth centuries) and the famous poet Tu Xuong. Celebrations Pho Minh, The Co, Phu Day are famous.

The main attractions of the area include temples Tran, Phu Day, pagodas Keo, Thien Hanh, Pho Minh Le and Co, Thinh Long Beach and bird parks and Con Con Ngan Lu, Xuan Thuy National Park .

The transport network is very favorable. There railway line north-south Vietnam and the National Highway 21 connecting highway 1A and the center of the city. In addition, the National Highway 10 connects the city of Ninh Binh and Thai Binh province, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh.

Adjacent to Nam Dinh is Ninh Binh, an indispensable spot for travellers planning their Vietnam tours. Ninh Binh is located south of the northern plain. It is surrounded by the provinces of Nam Dinh, Ha Nam, Hoa Binh and Thanh Hoa. It is 91km from Hanoi

The average annual temperature is 23.4 º C. The dry season from November to April and the rainy season from May to October.

The main products are rice, tea, coffee ... The manufacture of mats developed regions Kim Son and Phat Diem. Coal is used to Yen Mo district and Nho Quan. Marble and granite are operated districts Hoa Lu and Tam Diep ..

The province has many historical and cultural sites such as Hoa Lu, the capital of the country Dai Co Viet (name of Vietnam under the Dinh Dynasty, tenth century), where the temples dedicated to the worship of kings Dinh and Tran dynasties, the Bich Dong beautiful caves - Tam Coc and Dich Long considered the Halong Bay on land, the Phat Diem cathedral built in the late nineteenth century, the line of defense Tam Diep-Bien Son; thermal springs in Kenh Ga and Dam Cut. Rainforest Cuc Phuong is a natural museum of rare and precious fauna and flora typical of tropical regions. Mountains and Duc Thuy Bich Dong worth a visit. The Feast of Truong Yen is famous throughout the country.

Ninh Binh province is favored by nature with rivers Day, Van Sang, Mount Non Nuoc, Canh God, tens of limestone rocks rising from the plain. Between the two provinces (Ninh Binh and Thanh Hoa), Tam Diep Mountains form a barrier on the road transvietnamienne.

Here, 200 years ago, King Quang Trung Thang Long way to hunt for the perpetrators of the North, established his headquarters.
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