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 Mui Ne beach in Phan Thiet

The Saigon area offers a variety of places to go on vacation a few days or more! I went three days in Mui Ne to enjoy some well-deserved days off.

Mui Ne is a hotel zone which extends 20 km east of the city of Phan Thiet. We went down to the train from Saigon 01 Nguyen Thong district is 3. The train is air conditioned too between 4 and 5 hours to make the trip.
From Phan Thiet Railway Station we took the bus which goes to Mui Ne for 30 kvnd / ticket. An employee asked us where we wanted to stop and the driver dropped us at the resort we had booked, the Saigon Mui Ne.
After a frugal meal at the resort and a nap, we took a swim in the sea The sea is rough here and many waves make swimming difficult.

Bo Ke: The night we ate a delicious lobster 1kg600 was one of the many seaside restaurants called Bo Ke. The seafood is the specialty of the region, and we only paid $ 450k VND per kg for lobster. We also ate the best grilled calamari I've ever eaten.

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Around Mui Ne: The 2nd day we hired a taxi for a package of 4 ha a rate of 800kVnd. Basically I wanted to rent a scooter but the concierge told me that it was forbidden for tourists, yet I have seen many places offering rental...

We visited the white dunes, red dunes and the beach of Mui Ne harbor.
The white dunes are very nice with a small body of water side. They are located 35 km from Mui Ne and it is a great way to go brand new. On site, we rented a small quad 200k vnd / 20 minutes to visit the white dunes but it was in poor condition, we should have rented one of those has 300k but my problems with the machine did well my wife laughed...

Phan Thiet: The 3rd day we went to Phan Thiet for shopping and sightseeing. Phan Thiet market full of seafood and local specialties, otherwise it is a fairly normal Vietnamese city.
My wife had a great time in the white sand dunes. I struggled with a quad at the end of life that we did it down the top of the big dune and refused to start.

I enjoyed the meal at the port of Mui Ne atmosphere with 100% Vietnamese.
To conclude, I would say that Mui Ne is an attractive destination for its price, but there is not much to do except sea sports I think it's good to laze by the pool or playing kite surfing.

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