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 Modes of transport in Vietnam's cities

For visitors coming to Vietnam for the first time, we would like to advise if you still want to enjoy a free day or evening out on your own. There are various means of locomotion in cities in Vietnam: Public Bus and The motorcycle taxi (Xe Om)

Public bus: it is the means of transportation more economical, a ticket costs 5000 Dong (3 cents). However, one must already know the route and where to get off, because there is no names on the bus stations. It is therefore very difficult to detect. In addition, some buses are crowded, especially on the main roads where most buses are loaded with young students on their way to and from shool. Our tip is try to avoid public buses in rush hours, from 7.00 – 8.30 am and 4.30 – 6.00 pm

Taxis: For tourists, this is the easiest way to move quickly and safely. They are anywhere near the tourist spots. It is not necessary to know the price to be conveyed as taxis have a meter. But be wary of several things: Some taxis are fake taxis with meters tampered with, or even fake companies (including Ho Chi Minh City) Some drivers offer you a price before getting in (often much higher than the normal price), then turn off their counter, it should therefore never agree on a price with the driver, if ever it refuses to turn on his meter, do not hesitate to take another taxi. To avoid falling on the wrong taxi, we recommend two companies secure, namely Mai Linh (present in the country), and Vina Sun (only present in Ho Chi Minh City).

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We would like to inform you that the price varies depending on the size of the taxi. If you are two people with no luggage, there is no need to take a taxi with a big chest or a 7-seater taxi. Prices for small taxi are usually 9500 – 10.000 Dong / Km for small taxis, and can go up to 13,000 Dong for bigger. It should however be aware that the price is not the same depending on the company, and the price is a little more expensive in Ho Chi Minh City than in the rest of the country. Our tip is when you need to catch a taxi, it is recommended that you ask the hotel staff or restaurant staff to help you get one, avoid taxi touts on the streets.

Taxis-bikes: There are all street corners. You may be tempted to take if you are alone, because in fact, it is easier to find than taxis and transport and faster to avoid traffic jams. However for tourists such transportation has many drawbacks: You need to know the price for agreeing to negotiate and especially with the driver, but mostly it is a very dangerous mode of transport (lack of signage at intersections, little cautious drivers). We advise you not to take the motorcycle taxis, since it is unnecessary to take much risk for a tourist.

You will therefore understand, if you want a night out on your own, the easier and safer for you to take a taxi.

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