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 Mekong Delta in Vietnam

Mekong Delta, or Cuu Long in Vietnamese is the bowl of rice and fruit in Vietnam, the delta is composed of more than 10 sections divided by 9 rivers nicknamed as the nine headed dragon.

In addition to its main town Ho Chi Minh City, southern Vietnam is undoubtedly known for the Mekong Delta. A horse in nine provinces, the brown waters of the Mekong is divided into two main arms interconnected by a network of secondary rivers before emptying into the East Sea. The delta consists of vast stretches naturally flat and verdant rice fields, hence its nickname "rice bowl of Vietnam." A region of luxuriant vegetation, the Mekong Delta is typically described with the canal navigation, fishing, and especially the houses on stilts that rise above the murky waters of the river.

The Mekong Delta, despite its intensive cultivation remains the stronghold of nature. In this naturally rich and prosperous delta, water and rice are the local economy. Agricultural work, fishing, transport, traditions, pleasures…almost everything depends on the river. Here, we do not work on vogue. The landscape of marshes and rose gardens, traditional houses on stilts, the various boats that ply nonchalantly on channels, give the Mekong Delta incomparable charm.

Visit the delta may be limited to a boat cruise along the two main branches of the river, which already gives a real feeling of immensity. But this first approach does not take full advantage of the geography of the site. Also, this boat ride may be supplemented by stops in different localities in the Mekong Delta.

After an early start in the morning, visitors get gradually closer to the territory of rice. Bicycles and boats are kings and queens of this country, its inhabitants are traders as art objects as hats or food.

It's a long day when visitors get to discover villages, rivers, canals, boats and crafts, but also the exceptional cooking served in a traditional house in the middle of fruit trees.

Take a boat trip on Sunday mornings and see the floating markets, boat each displaying its products with a fixed sample at the top of the mast, small boats delivering or taking delivery of fruits and vegetables with larger boats. After visiting a village market with fruit, vegetables meat or fish, visitors take the bus to get into a local restaurant halfway on the return again to enjoy culinary specialties of South Vietnam in a beautiful garden.

This extension in the Mekong Delta was an opportunity to taste the delicious tropical fruits and other local specialties like candy coconut or rice cakes.

The discovery of a new way of life on the water, small canals, arroyos, floating villages and orchards have been a very nice way to finish your holiday in Vietnam.

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