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 Beautiful Lang Co beach

Located 70 km south of the city of Hue and 30 km north of the city of Da Nang, Lang Co has been listed as one of the most beautiful bays in the world by World bay’s Club.

In the warm season from April to late July, the average temperature is 25 º C, there are plenty of lobster, crabs, sentinels, butterfish, shells... From there, there are scenic spots like Chan May beach and the fishing village of Lang Co, etc ...

Seen from the Hai Van Pass, Lang Co Bay is beautiful as a painting with water drops in the blue sky, surrounded by chains of mountains covered with tropical forests. The bay stretches 40 kilometers of coastline with 15 km of white sand beach.

Lang Co is home to 150 species of fish, 30 species of benthic creatures and many rare and valuable species such as lobster, mackerel, squid, butterfish, oysters. Near the beach is Cape May Chan and the fishing village of Lang Co. Located between forest and sea, brackish water lagoon Lap An covering 1500 hectares, is home to many crabs, soft snails, snappers oysters, mullet, etc..

With such potential, Lang Co has developed many forms of tourism such as beach sports, scuba diving, visiting lakes, climbing, fishing, trekking in the forest. Tourists can swim in the clear waters, enjoy delicious seafood, visit the fishing village of Lang Co, drink coconut milk or go fishing on the Lap An lagoon at sunset.

70 km from Lang Co, there are sites recognized by UNESCO world heritages: Citadel of Hue, the ancient town of Hoi An and My Son Sanctuary.

Since the Hai Van tunnel, which connects Hue and Da Nang, was opened and the construction of the deep water port of Chan May, Lang Co is also revealed as a young town with great economic and tourist potential. In addition to the deep water port of Chan May, the Chan May economic zone, the urban area of Chan May, Thua Thien - Hue has invested 1.182 billion dong for infrastructure construction of 22 projects, among them more on tourism and protection of the coastal environment.

Economic zone of Chan May - Lang Co has more than 30 investment projects, including tourism projects and resort areas.

Since 2000, a project was set up to build a 4-star hotel that Lang Co Beach Resort on 10 acres, includes villas with 200 rooms facing the sea Lang Co Beach Resort was designed by the architectural style of Hue with a harmonious combination of architecture of imperial palaces, temples and pagodas, wooden houses and garden houses. All the rooms, restaurants, swimming pools and tennis courts were built in the middle of a green area. Visitors can practice swimming, tennis, badminton, volleyball and football. Tours to catch seafood, go fishing in the lagoons of Lap An, An Cuu are organized, as well as excursions to the Hai Van tunnel, the Bach Ma National Park…

With its pristine beauty, Lang Co, one of the most beautiful bays in the world, has become the must seaside resorts in Vietnam, and the pride of Thua Thien-Hue and Vietnam in general.

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