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Cao Bang travel guide

Cao Bằng Province is centered on the town of Cao Bằng itself. It is located in the far north of the country. It borders the provinces of Hà Giang, Tuyên Quang, Bắc Kạn, and Lạng Sơn, as well as the province of Guangxi in the People’s Republic of China.

Most of Cao Bằng Province is mountainous, with only a small amount of habitable land. Much of the province is heavily forested. The average temperature in the province is 22°C, but in winter, certain areas may sometimes become cold enough to receive snow. The Bản Giốc Waterfall is one of the province’s best known natural features
 Ban Gioc Falls
Ban Gioc Waterfall is now an attractive beauty spot for national and international visitors. Travelling some 272 km from Hanoi, you will reach the splendid fall...
 Thang Hen Lake
Thang Hen Lake was a fresh water lake lying in the community of 36 fresh water lakes on the high mountain of Tra Linh District. It is around 3,000 metres long, more than 1,000 metres wide, and thousands of metres above the sea level. The landscape here is quite charming with lines of green trees beside the precarious cliffs, reflecting on the pure water surface and meandering around the underground rock peaks. In the morning, taking a look at the lake from the top of the mountain, people can see masses of cloud like silky cloths flying in the wind. At the head of the lake Thang Hen, there is a wide cave and water in this cave flows out constantly, making the scenery more imposing. Everyday, there are two turns of tide: one up and one down, at Thanh Hen Lake. Even in the flood season or droughty season, the water in this lake still stays green and pure.
 Ba Be Lakes
The road from Thai Nguyen to Bac Kan is in pretty good condition and meanders through some very scenic areas, especially the bowl-shaped tea hills. Amongst all of the regions where you can find green tea plants for domestic use and export in Vietnam, Thai Nguyen is the best. The tea from that region is called "Thai tea" and sometimes visitors to Vietnam think that the people of Vietnam prefer foreign tea as they keep talking about the excellent "Thai tea".
 Pac Bo Cave
Riding 272km by car from Hanoi along National Highway No3, visitors will arrive at Cao Bang Town. Sleeping through the night in open air and a cool and quiet atmosphere of this mountainous area, their tiredness will disappear. The next morning visitors will ride through Hoa An to reach Ha Quang area. Through the windows of car, visitors can see golden rice fields lying amid green mountains, small hamlets with dozens of houseson-stilts under the shade of towering clusters of peach trees, and the winding streams with thatch-roofed bridges. Visitors will certainly be very interested in enjoying the picturesque scenery, endowed by the nature.